Departmental Activities

Activity Date A Brief Report
Virtual Event on Ecovation: Creating Storage Box and Paper Coasters 5 th June, 2021(World Environment Day) View Report
Guest Lecture on ‘Social Entrepreneurship’ 8 th May 2021 View Report
2 nd May, 2021 View Report
Vocational Training for ‘Mask Making’

13th March, 2021

View Report

Workshop on ‘Virtual Engagement: Post COVID-19’

23rd October, 2020 View Report

Alumnae Interface

10th  October, 2020 View Report
Guest Lecture on 'Community Welfare'

3rd October, 2020

View Report
Orientation Session (20-21)

9th September, 2020

View Report
Industrial Visit: Clay Craft Ltd, VKIA, Jaipur 25th Feb, 2020 View Report

CSR Interventions at BOSCH Plant, Jaipur

24th Feb, 2020 View Report
Guest Lecture ''CSR practices at Genpact, Jaipur'' 20th Feb, 2020 View Report
A Visit to Dravyavati Experience Centre 29th January, 2020 View Report
Self Defence Training Camp 16th Jan-25th Jan 2020 View Report

Field Visit to Hasanpura Village as part of Community Engagement Service

11th January, 2020 View Report
Experimental Learning 30th Sept, 2019 View Report
Community Engagement Service: Traffic Tutor 28th Sept, 2019 View Report
Community Engagement Service: Joy of Learning, Shashaktikaran 28th Sept, 2019 View Report
Community Engagement Service: Joy of Learning, Naya Savera 28th Sept, 2019 View Report
Alumnae Corner: Journey of an Entrepreneur 26th Sept, 2019 View Report
Industry Visit: ZEE Studio 21st Sept, 2019 View Report
Guest Lecture 19th Sept, 2019 View Report
Extension Activity 14th Sept, 2019 View Report
Industry Visit: KEC International, Jaipur 23rd August, 2019 View Report


17th August, 2019 View Report

Community Engagement Service Activity:


3rd August. 2019 View Report

Community engagement service: Naya Sawera: ‘Let’s wake up for a better tomorrow’

29th July, 2019 View report


27th July, 2019 View Report

Traffic Awareness & Road Safety

23rd July, 2019 View Report
Know Me Better 22nd July, 2019 View Report

ABHINANDAN 2019-2020

16th July, 2019 View Report
Appreciation Certificate Ceremony 12th April ,2019 View Report

Household  Survey at NEVTA village under Unnat Bharat Abhiyan (University UBA Committee)

18th March, 2019 View Report

Workshop on "Practical Approach towards Business & Data Analytics"


 16-17 March, 2019 View Report

Role Play  on 'Working Capital Management and Financing Options for Working Capital in Small Business Organization'

13th March,2019 View Report

Guest Lecture on ‘Cultivate Yourself to Grow Yourself’

8th March, 2019 View Report
Workshop on ‘Resource Discovery and Systematic Review of Literature’

9th-16th February, 2019

View Report

Industry Visit : Gosil Exports Pvt. Limited

7th February, 2019 View Report

Live screening session on Interim Union Budget 2019

1st February, 2019 View Report
Guest Lecture: ‘Let’s Talk and Learn GST and GST App’ 12th January, 2019 View Report

National Conference on Strengthening Indian Economy and Business: Challenges, Initiatives and Strategies

12th-13th October, 2018 View Report

Industrial Tour:Onassis & Climax Overseas, Manesar, Haryana

27th – 28th September, 2018 View Report

Guest Lecture

23rd August, 2018 View Report

Industry Visit: Bhagwan Mahaveer Canceer Health & Research Centre

21st August, 2018 View Report

Industry Visit: ICD Kanakpura, Jaipur

7th August, 2018 View Report

ANUBHAV 2018: Summer Internship Competition

11th August, 2018 View report
Guest Lecture:

‘Best Practices adopted by MNCs’

28th August, 2018 view report


4th August,2018 view report
Appreciation Certificate Ceremony 9th April 2018 View report

Orientation & Aluminé Meet

25th July, 2018 View Report
Extension Activity: Waste Management 26th Feb. 2018 View Report

Alumanae Interface Activity: GD
19th to 24th Feb, 2018 View Report
Guest Lecture: Success Unparalleld 18th January 2018 View report
Industry Yuva 23rd Sept, 2017 View Report
Industry Visit: Jaipur Rugs 30th August, 2017 View Report
Guest Lecture 11th August, 2017 View Report

Guest Lecture

Proquest-An E-Learning Resource

5th August, 2017 View Report
International Marketing Strategies 22nd February, 2017 View Report
People's Play 18th March, 2017 View Report
Session on QuestionPro 8th March , 2017


View Report

Seminar on “Union Budget 2017-2018-Expectations & Outcome”

9th February, 2017 View Report
Seminar on NIRYAT BANDHU SCHEME 6th February, 2017 View Report
Workshop on PROQUEST database 1st February,2017 View Report
Industrial Trip to Udaipur and Mount Abu 18th January,2017 View Report
Industry Visit to Jaipur Rugs 3rd October, 2016 View Report
Case Study Workshop 22nd, 23rd, 24th August, 2016 View Report
Rakhi Celebration at Umang 16th August, 2016 View Report
Orientation Session 2016 22 July ,2016 View Report
Seminar on “Union Budget 2016-2017-Expectations & Outcome” 11th March,2016 View Report
Extension Activity 23 february,2016  View Report
Industrial Tour to Chandigarh and Baddi 14-17 february,2016 View Report
National Conference on “Sustainable Growth of Business : Strategies & Challenges” 16-17 October,2015 View Report
Experinomics: Learning Economics Through Experience 23 september,2015 View Report
Workshop on “Micro Analysis of Financial Statements” 22september,2015 View Report
Guest Lecture on “ Orientation to PROWESS Database” 21 september,2015 View Report

Guest Lecture -“Vision & mindset for career opportunities”

12th August, 2015 View Report
Guest Lecture: YUVA (Your Versatile Attitude) 12th Aug, 2015  
Orientation session 28th July, 2015  
Guest Lecture: Contemporary trends in HRM 27TH July, 2015  
Post budget Analysis of 2015 18th March, 2015 View Report

The Greenhorn Experimental Learning (25-8-2014)

25TH Aug, 2014 View Report
Workshop on CV Writing 24th Feb, 2015 View Report
Ice Breaking Session 2013 8-Aug-13 View Report
Learning session with mumbai dibbawala's  9-Feb-13  
Guest Lecture on Consumer Delight
Speaker: Mr. Amit Hooda Director of The Eventz addressed students and provided them knowledge on satisfying consumer needs and marketing.
Guest lecture on Emerging trends in Finance
Speaker:Prof M.C Garg from Hissar
An Industrial visit to udaipur was organised on 22nd feb to industries like vedanta , HRH Group of hotels and Palace on Wheels . 22-Feb-13  
Experiential Learning Aug-12 View Report
Ice Breaking Session 28-Aug-12 View Report

Students’ Presentation: ‘Dream Company To Work With’

Prof. Atul Mitra,

Fullbright Professor, University of Iowa, USA


Activity: ‘ Movie show on group Behavior’

Resource Person:

Prof. Atul Mitra,

Fullbright Professor, University of Iowa, USA

Business Quiz 6-Aug-11 View Report
Guest Lecture ‘Do we need a Leader?’ 3-Aug-11 View Report
Guest Lecture ‘Research Inputs’ 28-Jul-11 View Report
Ice Breaking Session 26-Jul-11  
Role Play Exercises on " fayol's Management Principles in Practise 21-Aug-10  
Forex fair 2010 - Field Visit 13-Aug-10  
Group Discussion on " Hiring Celebraties as a Brand Ambassodor Boost the Business"
" Media Channels are using the reality shows as a platform for profits and not to promote the true talent"
Book Review Session " The World is Flat" authored by Thomas L Friedman, by Prof ND Mathur 7-Aug-10  
Guest Lecture- Contemporary issues in training and Development by Ms Shweta gupta , Academic Director, Shastri Institute of Learning. 10-Feb-10  
Visit to Literature Festival 25-jan-10  
Ebeny and Ivory (Ice Cream Management) 6-Oct-09  
Brainstorming 27-Aug-09  
The Corporate Challenge 26-Aug-08  
"Exuberance - Let's Jingle and Play" 5-Aug-08  
Pioneers 22-Feb-08  
Brainstorming 7-Feb-08  
Talent Hunt- the quest to win 1-Feb-08  
ODD ADD Maid Show 31-Jan-08  
Corporate Challenges 25-Jan-08  
Management Out mit 18-Jan-08  
Effective Marketing Strategy 17-Jan-08  
Role Play Exercises 10-Jan-08  
Guest Lecture: Career opprotunities in the field of Commerce and Management by Dr. Ravindra Vinayak 2-Aug-07  
Guest Lecture: International Marketing by Dr. Rakesh Mohan Joshi, Prof. and Chairperson IIFT 23-Jul-07  
Guest Lecture on Trading with safety by Mr. Pradeep Chandra Sekran, Country Manager, SITM 7-Jul-07  
Industrial visit to Kajaria Ceramics   View Report
Industrial Visit to Mahindra World City Jaipur Ltd. 29-Sep-2015 View Report
The Greenhorn Experiential Learning 25-Aug-2014 View Report
Guest lecture: Making Decisions Under Uncertainty in Absence of Data 14-Aug-2014 View Report
Visit to Chandighar - Amritsar- Baddi 7 to 13-Feb-2014 View Report
Ad MAD Competition 27-Jan-2014 View Report
Guest Lecture by Mrs Vaneja Shankar 22-Jan-2014 View Report
Poster Making Competition 2-Sep-2013 View Report