Case Study Analysis Competition

Judge: Prof. Vidhu Mathur (ICFAI University, Jaipur)

Date: 16th November, 2022

Venue: A V Hall

Time: 9:30- 1:30 pm

No. of Participants: 60 Participants



  • Prepare students by giving them real-life scenarios in which proper time management.
  • To expose students to real world experiences.
  •  To encourage students to take ownership of their learning and help to assimilate their ideas into theory and practice.

In the competition, students were divided into groups. Each group consist of 8-10 members and given a time of an hour to discuss and analyze the case and prepare a presentation including the summary, problem and its conclusion. After an hour each group were asked to submit their presentations.

Prof. Vidhu Mathur was welcomed at the discussion hall by presenting a memento by Dr. Purnima Sharma (Assistant Professor, Department of Human Resource Management). After that groups started presenting their analysis on the case study with the time limit of 10-12 minutes. Prof. Vidhu Mathur, examined each group and cross-questioned each member from the group by corelating the case with ‘Theories of Management’ and ‘Models of Management’ including Strategic Management, Finance, Marketing, Human Resource Management, Brand Management, etc.

After fair evaluation of each group, Prof. Vidhu Mathur shared his experience of analyzing the case and gave insights of his teaching career to all the students and department faculty. Prof. M.K Sharma, Dean Faculty of Commerce & Management, applauded and appreciated all the participants for their equal contribution and later, at the end of the session, students shared their thought on the very first ever management case study analysis competition and came up with more such thoughts of organizing management competition at the University.

At the end of the competition, winners were awarded with certificates and were appreciated for the same.