Guest Lecture on 'Ignite the Spirit of Patriotism Among Youth'


Title of the event : Ignite the Spirit of Patriotism Among Youth

Type of Event : Guest Lecture

Date: January 25, 2022

Name of Resource person: Capt. Meenakshi Gupta (Retd.)

Objective of the activity:

  • To spark the spirit of Patriotism Among Students.
  • To brings in a sense of mutual respect.
  • To inculcate the feelings among them to treat every Indian as family.

Description: The Department of Management organized a Guest Lecture on 25th January 2022. The speaker of the session was Capt. Meenakshi Gupta (Retd.). The speaker discussed her experience to fulfil her dream of joining Indian Army and how it was an unconventional path to follow, yet the passion she had to serve the nation helped her in overcoming the obstacles. She also described the significance of team spirit, sharing with others and the interaction or communication with different individuals/people. She also emphasized the importance of improving our vocabulary and enhancing our knowledge.

Outcome of the seminar: The activity enlightened the students that for being a patriot we do not need to be in Defence Services, they can serve the country even by doing their jobs honestly, by helping people in need or danger and by sharing and caring, etc. The webinar also taught the importance of physical exercise, positive thinking, practicing mind fullness and mental health. It is of paramount importance to be around the right people, people who encourage us to do best and appreciate our efforts.