B.Com. (Honours) Human Resource Management


B.Com. Honours program with Human Resource Management as the core subject deals with the in depth study of Human Resource, Organizational Behaviour, Training & Development, Human Resource Development, Industrial Relations. Besides this, Compensation Management, Labour Economics, Organizational Development and Global Human Resource Management are also an integral part of curriculum.The program also keeps the students abreast by providing an indepth knowledge of the recent advances in Human Resource Management. Students pursuing B.Com. (Honours) in HRM  have option to pursue their specialization in MBA as well. The minimum time required to complete the course is three years.

After successfully completing B.Com  Honours Programme students will be able to:


PO1 The programme aims to nurture the students in intellectual, personal,

interpersonal and social skills with a focus on Holistic Education and

development to make informed and ethical decisions and equips graduates

with the skills required to lead management position.


PO2 This programme brings out reflective and scientific thinking in the students

which makes them inquisitive and curious to get deep insights of the

business world and tackle the complex situations with much knowledge and



PO3 This programme will instil in the students the critical thinking and problem

solving approach towards various challenges and problems encountered in

organizations along with reflective thinking approach to provide innovative

and creative solutions to those problems.


PO4 The content of this programme give a global perspective to the students

such that they will be able to integrate national values and beliefs with

international culture and competence.


PO5 The curriculum also inculcates in the young minds the qualities of

teamwork, cooperation and solidarity which can be seen as a vision of the

current business world though full of competition.



PSO 1 Acquaint the students with the systematic knowledge of the broader

disciplines of commerce like business administration, accounting,

business statistics, economic, auditing, costing and finance etc. along

with brief knowledge of various ancillary activities of Businesses.

PSO 2 Students will be able to comprehend the roles of Entrepreneurs,

Accountants, Bankers, Managers, Marketers, and other stakeholders in

organizations, which will help them to possess knowledge and other

skills necessary for critical decision making.


PSO 3 Students will be able to understand regulatory frameworks of Indian

business, banks, stock markets, financial markets along with specific

study of laws encompassing Indian corporate scenario.


PSO 4 Acquaint the students with basic concepts of Human Resource

Management along with development of their conceptual skills to

manage Human resource operations of a business firm and become

capable of recognizing and resolving ethical issues that arise in business

set ups.


PSO 5 Students will be able to comprehend diverse behaviors that arise in an

organization, effective handling of the same and at the same time have

knowledge of various human resource laws and welfare practices with

respect to labor in that industry.


PSO 6 Learn the application of human resource strategies, research techniques

in business and understanding the role human resources for sustainable

growth of an organization.