MBA-Human Resource Management has been designed to cater to the increasing needs of industry and corporate world for professionally qualified Managers in the field of Human Resource and Organizational Development. Role of HR Managers in overall corporate strategic plannig and control has become prominent in today's globalised economy. The main objective of MBA-HRM is to provide quality education to young women so that they  can enhance thier professional expertise in the field of Human Resources. Papers & Syllabus have been drafted so as to suit the contemporary industrial practices. The curricula induces students to develop problem solving approach. Further to add, Industrial visit, Summer Internship, live projects, part time jobs, workshops and seminars are also organized to enhance the practical knowledge of students.The minimum time required to complete the course is two years. 

After successfully completing MBA-HRM Programme students will be able to:


PO1   To understand economic, legal, and social environment of Indian business and gain domain knowledge related to various functional areas of Management.

PO2   To develop skills for Critical thinking, Business Analysis, Problem Solving and finding innovative solutions.

PO3   To demonstrate a global outlook with the ability to identify aspects of the global business and Cross-Cultural Understanding.

PO4   To develop responsiveness to contextual social issues / problems and exploring solutions, understanding business ethics, and resolving ethical dilemmas.

PO5   Todevelop effective oral and written communication especially in business applications, with the use of appropriate technology (business presentations, digital communication, social network platforms and so on).

PO6   To learn to collaborate and demonstrate Leadershipskills.

Programme Specific Objectives

PSO 1         To impart knowledge of various functional areas of Management and its application in current Business environment in order to develop and broaden management and leadership skills.

PSO 2         To develop capabilities to select and apply appropriate tools for solving complex managerial problems.

PSO 3         To harness entrepreneurial approach and skill sets

PSO 4         To develop analytical and critical thinking abilities for data-based decision making

PSO 5         To develop ability to understand and analyze global, economic, legal, social and ethical aspects of business.

PSO 6         To familiarize with recent trends in all domains of Management and develop research acumen.

PSO 7         To develop ability to communicate effectively and function efficiently on multidisciplinary teams.

PSO 8         To produce industry ready graduates having highest regard for Social Responsibility, Teamwork and Continuous Learning

PSO 9         To enhance skills for development and implementation of various HR functions and processes.

PSO 10       To apply current and emerging information technologies to support the human resources function.

PSO 11       To develop an understanding of various Human Resource theories and strategies in order to achieve best Human Resource practices.

PSO 12       To impart knowledge of various Human Resource laws and welfare practices for betterment of employees for sustainable growth of organization